Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Lights Border Frame

christmas lights border
Fun and funky Christmas lights borders  create a free form graphic frame ready for you to add some color and decoration.

Black and white Christmas lights border frame could be used as a page frame or to write those important letters to Santa,very important  wish lists, to frame a holiday picture; or to make unique Christmas gift tags.

And hey, these holiday light strings have no tangles or bad bulbs.

Free for non-commercial use - link back to if you pin or share this Christmas lights border.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Bows Border

Simple and sweet bows clip art border in cheery red and green holiday colors. 
Christmas bows border available in horizontal or vertical layouts, in small size (shown) and a larger clip art image for either layout. Free clip art borders can be used for any non-commercial use. Download from Lee Hansen Graphics ( or click the link.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Butterfly Borders

Butterfly Page Border

Pastel butterfly border graphics fly in horizontal and vertical patterns in two sizes for your paper crafts, blog, desktop publishing and scrapbook layouts.

This is one of the most popular butterflies clip art borders we've found in free clip art collections. This butterfly borders and frames collection is available as rules, dividers and butterfly page frame border arrangements, all for noncommercial use.

Butterflies Rule Border

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scattered Crayons Clip Art Border

crayon clip art border
I must have a dozen uses for a crayons clip art border, starting with scrapbook layouts of my kids and grandkids kindergarten and early elementary school years and running up to my school days free coloring pages articles and blog posts.

I had to make a crayon border - it's a classic, so here's my freebie with red, blue, green and yellow crayons - as usual, free for non-commercial use.  Crayons clip art borders are available in two sizes, and arranged for both vertical and horizontal layouts. Have fun - share 'em on Facebook, Twitter or other sites with a link to this page.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Smiling Snails Border

Snails Border Clip Art
These little snails are just the cutest critters. Catch up with these snail clip art borders before the little guys just slip away ... free for non-commercial use. Link, don't upload, to share with friends.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

DIY Halloween Skeleton Border

Ever wondered how to make a quick border from a piece of clip art you like? If you don't have PhotoShop or some other editor it might seem like a difficult task, but it's really not. Windows Paint is free and comes with Microsoft Windows machines. You can do quite a lot with this basic graphics editor. If you use another graphics editor, the steps are basically the same.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make your own quick clip art borders.

How to: Quick and Easy Clip Art Border
I needed a skeleton graphic border for a Halloween project so I made a quick and easy divider from free clip art. You can use this same method to make a simple clip art border of your own. If you need a vertical border, just create a document in the size and shape you want and use these same basic steps to copy, clean up and paste multiple images in a row or stack:

1. I copied the original Trick or Treat skeleton graphic to my computer's hard drive, then opened up Windows Paint, created a New document,  and pasted the skeleton graphic in the editor window.

2. Next I zoomed in to get a good view of  the image so I could select only the skeleton. I used the selection tool to surround the entire skeleton image but not include the Trick or Treat caption at the bottom of the original graphic.

3. I used the CROP tool to remove the caption, but a little bit of red and black remained. I adjusted the image size without changing the size of the skeleton so I would have more room to work

4. To clean up the new skeleton picture and get rid of the red and black spots, I used the Paint Brush tool with Color 1 set to white, then painted over the spots near the skeleton's feet. 

5. Next I saved the graphic, then created an image measuring the width of the border I needed - 600 pixels - and  pasted the cleaned up skeleton into it at the right side. I then selected ALL and then pasted another copy of the skeleton into this image. I moved it over so it was next to the first skeleton taking care to make sure it wasn't overlapping anywhere.

two skeletons in new clip art border6. Next I selected the second skeleton and used the Rotate, Flip Horizontal tool to reverse the image. Now I had two skeletons, each facing the other.

7.  Finally, I copied the two skeletons and pasted another pair next to the first set to create my finished Halloween skeletons border.
Halloween Skeletons Clip Art Border

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School Pencil Borders Clip Art

Back to school means pencils and books. Decorate papers, notes, scrapbook pabes with these pencil borders and corners. Crossed pencils make up the frame border corner plus matching rule dividers ofclassic No. 2 pencils all in a row make up these fun back to school pencil clip art borders.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peeps Yellow Chick Easter Border

Baby chicks with fluffy yellow feathers are a definite symbol of spring. Decorate Easter cards or scrapbook pages with these peep chick clip art borders in two layouts - horizontal or vertical. If you need bigger sizes, they're available over at Easter Clip Art on Squidoo.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fantasy Flowers Clip Art Borders

Spring fever made me do it.

I'm more than knee-deep in snow here in New England, and I'm anxiously looking out the window for signs of spring.

Never good at waiting, I decided to create my own harbingers of warmer weather with these pink and lavender daisy clip art borders.

Maybe they'll make Easter come a bit sooner ... or just make the waiting easier.

Here's hoping the snow melts and the crocus start peeking out ... in the meantime, enjoy!

Find lots more clipart borders at and at Squidoo.

Lucky Shamrocks Clip Art Borders

Create any size length horizontal or vertical border you desire with these lucky 4 leaf clover clip art borders. No need for graphics editors - you get a vertical and a horizontal border graphic in this set of lovely green shamrock dividers. 

If you need larger sizes, you can find a double size set of 4 leaf clover borders at the St. Patrick's Day Clip Art lens on Squidoo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Red Hearts Page Border

red hearts frame border
What's more romantic and passionate than red hearts? A border of red hearts running all around your page or framing your favorite person, pet or what have you ... this red hearts frame border is ready for your paper crafting as a full size page to write letters or make flyers, posters and scrapbook pages.

There's also a smaller size border and a tiny heart frame you can use as clip art to make gift tags, labels, stickers or favor tags. I think I could even use the small heart border clip art  to make drink charms for a bridal shower.